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"Earth Girl Trinkets"

by Rebecca Waggener

handmade jewelry


Atlanta native Rebecca Waggener is a lifelong, self-taught artist who began seriously making jewelry when she stepped back from bartending in 2020. Currently based in Decatur, she can be found vending at outdoor popup markets around the city every weekend.

My jewelry is hand crafted from brass, copper, sterling silver and aluminum, with natural stones and glass beads. I’ve incorporated repurposed elements of vintage jewelry and recycled copper wire into many of my designs as well. 

My work mimics the patterns I see in the natural world: intricate vines and leaves; clouds and breezes; sunbeams and greenery; a clear night sky filled with stars. I spent long stretches of my childhood playing in the woods, and I have always found comfort and inspiration in nature. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of techniques, original materials and mixed media in my artwork, and I am always looking to learn and grow as an artist.

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